GDP #013: Community Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury Vote V2


December 2022 DAO Treasury Vote for 2023] DAO v2


We agree with the initial DIA Team proposal, there’s nothing wrong with it, but also let’s have in mind we also have a DAO.


For this year’s treasury release and fund usage for 2023, let’s allocate a small fee to the DAO voters.


The DIA DAO proposes the following distribution for the 2023 DIA 9.15M token reserve unlock:

  1. Burn 48% (4.575M) of the reserve tranche for deflationary tokenomic policy (vs. 25% - 2.2875M in the previous year)
  2. Airdrop 2% to DAO VOTERS (based on holdings and power of votes) - from the 50% burn initial vote.
  3. Split non-burned tokens and the airdrop (50%, 4.575M) in two tranches: the first tranche is to be released immediately if this vote passes successfully. The second tranche is to be released only upon an additional DAO vote in case of improving market conditions:
  4. The first tranche (2.2875M) shall be used for:
    30% - Oracle and product development
    30% - Ecosystem grants
    20% - DAO incentives and legal expenses
    20% - ETOP (Employee token option plans)
  5. The second tranche (2.2875M) shall be used for proactive marketing activities to improve brand and product exposure
    a) This will be decided by an additional DAO vote on Snapshot, initiated by the team via the DAO Governance process.
    b) If not released, these tokens shall be burned latest by 31. December 2023.

Following DAO votes will be included for consideration for the airdrop:

  • Snapshots to be taken from all the DAO votes generated by the DIA team from 1 Jan 2022 to 30 Dec 2022.
  • All DAO Vote types are to be included.


We all know the market conditions and the sacrifices we all do.
As DAO VOTERS we participate in main DIA decisions, I think once a year the DAO deserve a small airdrop.
If this proposal is passed, the funds will be allocated in a risk- and market-conscious manner:

  • Oracle and product development: Developing an algorithmic trust architecture, in contrast to building a node infrastructure with a decentralized architecture; innovation and IP protection in on-chain data provision.
  • DAO operational and legal development: Growth and innovation of legal DAO structure in Switzerland, as well as the evaluation of other jurisdictions; enable further DAO and community growth in key areas such as content, communication, product, business development and tech.
  • IRL events presence: Ensuring DIA’s attendance to the most relevant in-person events and conferences.
  • Team ETOP: Ensuring long-term team retention.


91.5k DIA to be airdropped to DAO voters based on their voting power and holding period




DIA holders can vote to:

  • Yes, implement this proposal
  • No, do not implement this proposal

Hi @alexism . Thank you for the proposal. Fits all formal criteria, so we will push this also forward to a vote.
Needs some clarity on one element: Timeframe/Snapshot of Airdrop 2%: When is the snapshot of the holdings taken, which DAO Vote is included for consideration to be eligible?


Hello Michael,

To be fair, let’s include the following:

  • Snapshots to be taken from all the DAO votes generated by DIA team since 1 Jan 2022 to 30 dec 2022.
  • All DAO Votes to be included (doesnt’ matter if you voted a CAR, GDP, etc)

Thank you also!


Thanks @alexism . We will add these details re:Airdrop proposal in the vote proposal.

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Thanks again @alexism for the effort and proposal . As everybody can see, the proposal won.
Very happy with the quality DAO input on this treasury 2022 release, currently in execution of the DAO decision (burn already done: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan) and will update in the following days accordingly re token supply and DAO airdrop timeframe/details/on-chain links.


Airdrop from DAO Vote 2022 timeline phase 1: will be claimable from // 01.Feb - 28. Feb 2023