Reward System for the Community Airdrop 2022

Hello Michael,

In case this proposal passes, i created an example of the airdrop to be executed. ( it’s only informal ).
In the spredsheet below, i calculated the airdrop based on holdings, power of votes and total generated votes since 1 jan 2022 to 16 dec 2022 by every DAO votant.

The idea is to give a chance to all, but also to be fair to the people who had the most votes and those who had to best voting power on the snapshoot page.

So i devided the airdrop in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1. ( calculate the airdrop based on total votes and sum of voting power / 365 days)
  • Phase 2. even though lots had less votes and voting power, lets devide the remaining from the phase 1 and give an equal share to all 88 total voters

This is just an example, thank you for your time!

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Hey @alexism . Thanks a lot for this. We will execute the burn beginning 2023,
Re Airdrop, there are a few parameters top be decided upon.
a) Each DIA token gives 1 share of airdrop vs. Each DIA vote (independent of Token amount) give 1 share.
b) Claimable vs automatically distributed

I would prefer equal shares (not based on token holdings, but participation) and claimable so this does not end up on dead addresses.

We will make a community decision on this beginning of Jan.

Good start into 2023.

Hello @Michael_DIA ,

Re Airdrop, i understand you but we need to be more equitable on the shares and must think the best way we can apply it.

for example:

adress 0X…(A), his voting power is 1000 DIA and he voted 30x times.
adress 0X…(B), his voting power is 1 DIA and he voted 30x times.

ref the example, we need to fix that somehow (thats why i did those airdrop calculations in excel, to be fair to all the community ) , because the main decisions/proposals/votes are always related to the best voting power.
It’s a little bit discouraging for a holder/voter who had more power decision based on his tokens and votes to have the same airdrop amount as one who voted with just 1 token. (i remember the team had the same problem with the Poap Badges, not being equitable for those who had more voting power vs 1 token votes)
As we all know (in business ) 1000 voting power is better than a single one, and being equitable we can also stimulate the community in a positive way. In general i tend to belive that we, humans, are good persons and evolving ones, but as in many cases there are good people and bad people, frustrated ones, etc. Thats why we need to do this right and not to turn that against us.

ps: i’m agree with the claimable part.

Good start into 2023 aswel and keep delivering good stuff! :+1:

ps: i forgot.

I don’t know what to say about a second community decision, because already we had a decision in the main community vote.

Yes, fair enough. This will then likely end up in the hands of a very few, but that’s the vote.
The community vote is more designed on claimable airdrop (e.g. UNI tokens) or a pure airdrop to all eligible wallets (where some people might not have access any more, tokens are lost).

That’s why i made those calculations and i had that idea with phase 1 and 2. In this case everybody will get a fair share.

If needed as a community speaker (as i triggered the proposal), i can update my initial community treasury post and sugest to the DIA Team the following:

Due the positive result, the community had decided to give a special share to all voters and calculate the airdrop based on 2 phases.

  1. Phase 1, airdrop will be calculated as it is in the main community treasury vote.

    formula = (count of address votes * sum of voting power (holdings) ) / 365 days a year

  2. Phase 2, the remaining tokens (difference 91.5k - Phase 1) to be airdropped to all voters in equal shares. (to stimulate the ones with less votes and less holdings)

    formula = remaining tokens non shared / total numbers of voters.


Also this will give a total transparency of the airdrop, as all the votes, voting power, etc are stored in the snapshot page.

What do you say @Michael_DIA ? :blush:

Hey @alexism . Appreciate the offer re community speaker on this, we will come this, also IMO makes sense since you brought forward the winning proposal.
We will start the process in beginning of the new year alongside the burn etc. , I’ll ping you here again on the next steps, we then also want to get this distributed asap.

Hey @Michael_DIA ,

Great, keep in touch!

Also, wishing you and the DIA team a happy New Year! So proud of all that DIA accomplished this year. Thank you for all your hard work —let’s make 2023 even better!

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Hey there, happy new year!

I’ve updated the file with all full data.
Timeframe 1 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2022.

Even though the initial proposal was until 30 Dec, I added +1 day ( 31 Dec ) to be considered a full year. (i think is better and we can work on it)

The file has 3 sheets:

  1. All the extracted DAO votes data/Shapshots data (here we have transparency, as the data it is available publicly on Snapshot )
  2. Pivot of all the extracted data. (here we can see all the votes an address has generated + the sum of holding power)
  3. Example of Airdrop calculator based on the data we extracted.

Keep in touch!

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Thanks a lot for this. And happy new year!

We will double-check these stats internally, will take a few days. As for claimable vs. automatically dropped, we will go for a claimable path, discuss if we do a separate vote on this or just take this input and discussion as foundation. Re timeline: Want to get this final and distributed in latest ca. 3 weeks from phase 1 and phase 2 as per suggested above, will take a bit of def time to amend our existing airdrop page.

Thanks for all the input and work, appreciated. Michael

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Hey Michael,

Agree with you on the claimable path, no need to do a separate votes on this, claimable sounds better. We will take this input / discussion as fundation. Maybe we can also set a claim timeframe, and also have a burn of the non claimed tokens.

Glad i can help!

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Agreed re:claimable, let’s push this through with no vote (if anybody in here/from the DAO has objections, speak up!).
Also agree re timeframe for claiming and the burning the non-remaining ones. How does 1 month timeframe sound to you? Fair?

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Great minds think alike, I was thinking to suggest the same timeframe. 1 month sounds fair enough! ( this will provide a sufficient timeframe for the community to claim their share) :+1:

Thank you.

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Hello Michael,

I wanted to reply at the initial community treasury post, but i can’t, as no reply button or option is available. (and yes i’m logged in)
See below:

in case will fix that, below is my reply to your text (we can work on it if needed) , or we can take all our discussions we had as base and no need to put it public.


Hello Michael and all DIA members,

First of all we want to say Happy New Year!!! We are glad to hear that the burning already done and the voted DAO decision is in execution.

Due the positive result, the vote initiators/community behind, had decided to calculate the airdrop based on 2 phases and also give an extra +1day to the shapshot to be considered a full year.

                    ( to be updated: 1 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2022 )

Why we want a 2 phases calculator? simply because we need to think in perspective for all our members and not let them behind.


  • :arrow_right: Phase 1, airdrop to be calculated as it is in the main community treasury vote. Snapshot

formula = (count of address votes * sum of voting power (holdings) ) / 365 days a year

  • :arrow_right: Phase 2, the remaining tokens (difference 91.5k - Phase 1) to be airdropped to all voters in equal shares. (as we know some of our community members had less votes or holdings, we want them also to have a share)

                  `formula = remaining tokens / total numbers of voters.`

:white_check_mark:Total airdrop to be claimed by an eligible member = Phase 1 + Phase 2.

Also, we consider to have a claimable airdrop as is the best way to do it, with a timeframe of 1 month.
In this way we want to diminuate lost tokens, as there may be some members who are not active anymore ore might not have access/lost keys, etc
For the non-claimed tokens we propouse a burn.

Thank you for all your hard work — let’s make 2023 even better!

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Airdrop from DAO Vote 2022 timeline phase 1&2: will be claimable from // 01.Feb - 28. Feb 2023

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Great news!!! thanks Michael!
The phase 2 will have another timeline?

I tought phase 1 + phase 2 will not be splitted, but taken as a whole/total claimable.

Sry, need to edit, phase 1+2 in total. Not a separate timeline. Also link will obviously updated in the next week. We will also announce this in further channels.


No problem, thanks for clarifying.

ps: Big congrats for CV VC Top 50 !


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