GDP #008: December 2021 DAO Treasury Vote

General DIA Proposal #008: December 2021 DAO Treasury Vote
Date: Wed, 18 November 2021
Author: DIA Core Team
Status: Successfully passed - Yes 95.83%


In line with DIA’s continued efforts to increase its DAO interaction and following the DAO plans laid out in 2020 as well as the release schedule, DIA Association’s annual reserve unlock will be up for vote on November 29, 2021. To execute this, the DIA token holder community can submit and vote on proposals for the usage of the unlocked DIA tokens.

→ See the requirements to submit an annual treasury vote proposal.


The DIA core team proposes the following distribution for the 2021 DIA reserve unlock:

  • Burn 25% of the reserve tranche; i.e. 2.2875 M DIA and use the remaining 6.8625 M DIA, for growth of cross-chain integrations, staking and marketing initiatives and product.
  • All non-burned tokens (75% of 9.15M; or 6.8625 M DIA) will be released over a time period of 1–24 months for the following purposes.
    • 50% - 3.43125 M DIA: Oracle and product development (3–12 months)
    • 20% - 1.3725 M DIA: Marketing/staking/community development (1–12 months)
    • 30% - 2.05875 M DIA: Team growth and DAO development (1–24 months)


  • Oracle and product development: Research and development of new features and use cases for DIA’s oracles; further develop DIA’s oracle cross-chain capabilities; increase oracle data sources and assets; and improve security, efficiency and decentralisation of DIA’s oracle infrastructure.
  • Marketing/staking/community development: Interaction with Key Opinion Leaders of DeFi and its different ecosystems; expand community rewards and incentivisation to drive an ambassador program and a work DAO (fund usage will be decided by the DIA DAO on future votes); and promote staking and saving programs.
  • Team growth and DAO development: Growth of team and legal DAO structure in Switzerland. Enable further growth of the team in key areas like marketing, product, business development and tech.


  1. Yes, implement this proposal
  2. No, do not implement this proposal

Head over to Snapshot to vote


  • 22. Nov, 1:00pm UTC: Open submission
  • 26. Nov, 1:00pm UTC: Close submission
  • 29. Nov, 1:00pm UTC: Open vote
  • 06. Dec, 1:00pm UTC: Close vote
  • 20. Dec, 1:00pm UTC: Unlock start


  1. Proposals that include vote buying, attempts of price or supply manipulation, allocations to a small group of wallets, or other faudential and/or unethical activity might be rejected via a public decision making of DIA management.
  2. In order to participate in the DAO vote, you must hold your DIA tokens in a self-custodial wallet.
  3. If a proposal gets traction and upvotes on the forum, the core team will incorporate suggestions as long as they are in line with requirements.

Any feedback and input by the community welcome on this, also feel free to submit alternative proposals.