The DIA DAO Governance Process

From ideation to implementation, this post will give you an overview of the DIA DAO governance process, minimum requirements, timelines and more.

Phase 1. Discussion

Any DIA DAO community member can open a new topic and contribute to a discussion. To do so, head over to the #discussion channel and open a new topic with the (+) bottom right corner button. A pre-loaded template will show, fill in all the details. The more detailed information provided initially, the more likely the discussion will move faster into a formalised proposal.

Phase 2. Proposal

If the topic receives enough engagement from the community and is designed to add value to both the DIA platform and the DIA DAO, it will move into the second phase. In this phase, a proposal will be formalised only if it meets the requirements to submit a proposal. All topics must include:

  • Title : Summarise the proposal in few words
  • Introduction : What is the bird’s eye? Up to 200 words about your proposal.
  • Context : What is the problem that is being tackled?
  • Solution : How does the solution look in detail?
  • Benefits : How will the benefit DIA and its stakeholders?
  • Costs : What resources are needed to implement the solution?
  • Risks : Are there risks that the solution entails? If so, how can we de-risk them?
  • Vote : What are the exact options to vote on?

Phase 3. Review

If the proposal fills all requirements mentioned above, a DIA Forum admin will formalise it, give it a proposal number, create a poll and publish it under the #proposals channel for the community validation. The admin will automatically classify it under either #proposals:dips or #proposals:gdps, depending on the nature of the proposal.

Phase 4. Validation

In this fourth phase, a poll is conducted in the forum or Discord to pre-validate the proposal. DAO members will vote whether and decide whether the proposal will be voted or not on DIA DAO’s Snapshot page If successful, the proposal will move onto the 5th phase.

All validation votes in the forum will be available to vote for 7 days.


Phase 5. Vote

In the fifth phase, the proposal will be moved into DIA’s Snapshot page and made available only for DIA token holders. It is required to hold at least 1 DIA token in order to vote. Since this voting mechanism provides great accuracy and transparency, the result of this final vote will be the decisive factor for the future of the proposal. If successful, the proposal will be stored on-chain and moved into the 6th phase: implementation.

All votings will be available to vote for 7 days.


Phase 6. Implementation

When all previous steps have been successfully passed, the DIA core team will be in charge of operationalising the proposal. It will be done according to the plan, resources and timeline previously defined in the proposal. When the proposal is finally successfully implemented, it will be communicated and announced in the #updates channel by the forum admins.