Requirements to submit a proposal

Qualitative Requirements

Proposals must meet the following qualitative requirements:

  1. Proposals must create net positive value for DIA’s community of stakeholders.

  2. Proposals must meet the below described requirements for content

  3. Proposals must be thought through and consider any relevant externalities.

  4. Proposals must be feasible to implement under a given availability of resources.

  5. Proposals must be approved by the DAO committee.

Content Requirements

When creating a new topic in the Discussion channel, a template will automatically appear in the window. Fill it in so the proposal contains the following:

  • Title: Summarise the proposal in few words

  • Introduction: What is the bird’s eye? Up to 200 words about your proposal.

  • Context: What is the problem that is being tackled?

  • Solution: How does the solution look in detail?

  • Benefits: How will the benefit DIA and its stakeholders?

  • Costs: What resources are needed to implement the solution?

  • Risks: Are there risks that the solution entails? If so, how can we de-risk them?

  • Vote: What are the exact options to vote on?

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