How to Submit a DIA CDR in <5 minutes

DIA CDRs are designed to provide an open process for dApps to request custom data feeds while providing full public transparency on the specific implementation of the oracle, including sources, methodologies and other specifications.

Step 1: Sign up

Create an account by using the Twitter account of the dAPP/ requesting project.

Step 2: Create a CDR

Go to the CDR page and create a new CDR by hitting the (+) button on the bottom right corner.

1. Title:

Please input the name of your protocol and the requesting data type within the filed “Type title, or paste a link here”.

For example: “Protocol Name | Token Price Feed”

2. Body

If you already have a prefilled CDR, paste it in the body and submit it.

In the contrary case, fill in the template with the desired feed specifications you are requesting. See a complete example here.

3. Submit CDR

When done, hit “Create topic” to submit the CDR.

Step 3: Feed Delivery

A DAO core contributor will review the CDR submission and a contributor from the core team will share the API / oracle address with you directly.