DAO Contributor Leaderboard structure - Proposal Discussion

Title: DAO Contributor Leaderboard Structure - Proposal Discussion


In this post, I will share a proposal for a new ranking methodology and reward structure for the weekly and monthly top performing contributors in DIA DAO Dework.

This is an initial proposal draft and we wish to push this initiative forward through the DAO community in order to discuss the proposed solution and potentially reach a consensus through a simple vote or source alternative solutions, preferred by the community.

The preferred and selected (or voted on) scheme would be implemented for a probationary period of 1 quarter (3 months) to identify potential setbacks and propose improvements if needed. The solution can be continuously discussed as DIA DAO grows and improved/modified if the community prefer an alternative solution.


To make sure the most motivated and active members of the DIA DAO community are recognized and rewarded for their continuous efforts, we would like to propose a reward scheme aimed at providing extra incentives for top weekly and monthly contributors.

The amounts presented in the proposal are aligned with the current activity level in DIA DAO and the current monthly payouts. The total amount of rewards is not up for a discussion in this proposal.

Besides the rewards, we believe that the methodology of how the leaderboards are calculated is equally important and represent the fair foundation to how the contributions are valued.

Topics of Proposal:

  • Ranking Methodology
  • Reward scheme for Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards
  1. Ranking Methodology:

Current Methodology:

Currently, the only input we use to determine the ranks are XP (experience points) that we assign for every bounty completed on Dework (on Dework named as Task Points). Some bounties only include XP as reward (onboarding bounties) and the rest are a combination of ETH and XP.

Currently, the logic for assigning XP to paid bounties is: $$$ reward x 10 (example: if there is a 50$ reward for a bounty, it will also reward 500 XP when completed).

For onboarding bounties, we tend to reward up to 500 XP per completed onboarding bounty.

In order to keep the leaderboards competitive and to avoid those with one-off high-reward bounties to dominate the leaderboards, I am proposing a new way of assigning XP for all paid bounties.

Currently, we do not cap the maximum XP assigned to a bounty and follow the same formula for all $ reward bounties.


- Progressively reduce the XP reward for high-valued monetary bounties

Some roles and bounties in the DIA DAO provide much higher monetary rewards than others. Mostly due to very specific skill requirements and complexity of the tasks.

I believe that the leaderboards are here to offer an extra layer of motivation for contributors that bring the most value to our community (being active, completing a variety of tasks, and helping other contributors) and not to just add an extra reward layer to top-earners.

To provide a more competitive environment for the leaderboards, and to let anyone compete to be on top of the weekly or monthly one, I am proposing a new way of assigning XP to bounties by progressively reducing the XP rewards for bounties above 100$ in value.

Example: a bounty with a monetary reward of 700$ brings an extra 2000 XP reward (in current system, it would reward 7000 XP)

Current XP Calculation: 700$ x 10 = 7000 XP

New Proposed XP Calculation: 100$ x 10 + 100$ x 5 + 500$ x 1 = 2000 XP

- Limit ALL guild-onboarding bounties to 300 XP max

Since the onboarding bounties are mainly there as a tool for contributors to prove their skills, the XP rewards for those bounties should not be higher than 300 XP, to keep the leaderboards even more balanced and provide a slight advantage to those who complete the ETH-pegged bounties over those who only complete the onboarding ones.


The proposed change comes after a deep discussion among the guild leaders and aims to provide a more competitive and motivating leaderboards system for all contributors.

With the DIA DAO developing fast, we are expecting more leadership positions and high-value bounties to be introduced soon, effectively destabilizing the leaderboards due to disproportionate amounts of XP rewarded.

We wish to provide an equal opportunity to those who complete a high number of lower-reward bounties and those who complete only one, high-reward bounty.

  1. Weekly and Monthly Leaderboard Rewards

- Weekly Leaderboard:

Observation time (duration window for collecting XP): Friday 10AM - Friday 9:59AM


1st: 500 XP

2nd: 300 XP

3rd: 200 XP

Paid in: XP, through Dework.

Leaderboard is published each Friday, rewards are assigned the same day and count towards the next week’s leaderboard.

- Monthly Leaderboard:

Observation time (duration window for collecting XP): 1st day of the month - last day of the month


1st: 100$

2nd: 50$

3rd: 30$

4th: 20$

5th: 10$

Paid in: ETH, through Dework.

Leaderboard is published within 3 working days of the start of the new month, reward is paid out at the next weekly Dework payout.


Arguments supporting proposal:

  • Easy-to-implement and to track
  • Clear fixed incentive for top contributors
  • Easy to present, communicate
  • Weekly leaderboards assist with climbing to the top of the monthly leaderboard

Arguments against this proposal:

  • Flat monetary reward does not necessarily promote future active contribution
  • 5 paid spots vs. 1 paid spot (higher reward)


Next Steps:

  1. Discussion

Let’s discuss the proposed ranking methodology and leaderboard reward structure in the comments here or in a dedicated Discord channel.

Please provide your opinion on the proposal and suggest alternative solutions. Take into account that any proposed solution should be in-line with the budget proposed in this proposal.

If you have a better idea for the ranking methodology formula or logic, please propose that in the discussion. Please note that the formula should be easy to implement and calculate (should only include easy-to-get data, such as: XP rewarded, ETH rewarded, number of bounties completed).

  1. Vote

Depending on the level of agreements or disagreements among the community, we would roll out a Discord vote or an on-chain Snapshot vote to approve or reject the proposal.

The voting, if needed, will be announced after the initial discussion.

  1. Implementation

The new ranking methodology and leaderboard reward structures would be implemented in the month following the final confirmation via vote, not to affect the currently active leaderboard progress. The implementation would have a 3-month probationary period to assess potential improvements and propose optimizations.


Somehow I kept postponing my reply.:sweat_smile:

But here, I agree with this proposal 99%. The only part I am skeptical about is the weekly leaderboard reward.
500XP reward seems to be on the high side for topping the weekly leaderboard. I’d rather it’s lowered significantly or it’s not awarded at all.

The goal is to reward high value contributions; going by this, contributors who join and complete a ton of onboarding tasks within the same week (already amassing alot of XP points) still get rewarded with say 500XP. This might not be very fair to existing contributors that complete limited high value tasks (especially contributors with skills limited to a specific guild).

However, it can still be applicable, as long as the initial XP assigned to onboarding tasks are significantly reduced.


The proposals at hand were discussed and voted on in our Discord Server.

Based on the discussion and validation through votes, we are approving the following:

  1. Progressively reduce the XP reward for high-valued monetary bounties / Limit ALL guild-onboarding bounties to 100 XP max

XP will be assigned to bounties over 100$ in value according to the calculation formula presented in this proposal. Additionally, all onboarding bounties will be capped at 100 XP max.

New XP calculation formula for bounties above 100$ in value:

Implementation: new XP logic will be applied to bounties on September 1st. This will be applied for all bounties in the “To Do” list on Dework. Ongoing bounties will not be affected.


  • FOR:10
  • AGAINST: 0

Status: Approved
2. New weekly and monthly leaderboard reward structure

Weekly leaderboards pay top 3 contributors (1st - 500 XP; 2nd - 300 XP; 3rd - 200 XP);
Monthly leaderboards pay 5 top contributors (1st - 100$; 2nd - 50$; 3rd - 30$; 4th - 20$; 5th - 10$)

Implementation: New rewards structure will be applied for the Weekly leaderboard in a week of 5th Sep - 11th Sep. Monthly leaderboard rewards will be improved for the September leaderboards, awarded in first week of Oct.


  • FOR: 9
  • AGAINST: 2 (votes against were in fact to reduce the XP for onboarding tasks)

Status: Approved

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the discussion and expressed your opinions through voting on this proposal. Keep an eye out for more discussions in the following weeks.

This topic is can always be revisited and optimisations can be applied if relevant and validated from the community. The approved changes will go into effect with a 3 month probation period.


Let’s get it going, finally got my foot in forum :sweat_smile: