DIA DAO Feedback Discussion: Share your feedback, ideas and experience

Welcome to all DIA DAO community members.

The purpose of this thread is to collect feedback and ideas from our early DAO members. This will help us improve the overall experience and source new ideas for the future growth and development of the DIA DAO.

A short update on the development of the DIA DAO so far:

  • Launched an Open Alpha phase, featuring 7 main guilds / verticals (Copywriting, Design, Growth & Promo, Tech, Business Development, Human Resources, DAO Operations)
  • Over 125 onboarded applicants from a total of over 200 applications
  • 150+ bounties completed
  • $5.000+ in rewards paid out
  • Launched the DIA DAO Knowledge Hub on Notion
  • Dework.xyz as our main tool to manage the DAO’s bounties
  • First community ran activity, more to follow
  • Revamp of our Discord Server to better cater to the needs of our community

Throughout the last 3 months, we have been researching, testing and implementing processes and tools to make the experience for the contributors as seamless as possible. We are genuinely interested in your feedback regarding your experience and how we can improve in your opinion.

What is planned for the near future of DIA DAO?

  • Taking steps towards higher decentralization and inclusion of the community in DAO leadership roles
  • DAO to DAO collaborations
  • More core DIA activities being outsourced to DAO members
  • New community channels to promote the work of DIA DAO, operated by the community
  • More community initiated activities and events
  • Develop, in collaboration with the DAO, new content formats to spread the word of the DAO across different channels
  • Participation in multiple events in the industry
  • Development of new data products with new use-cases


We are in the early stages of development for DIA DAO and much more is in store for the next months and years. To make sure we are on the right path, and to give the chance to the community to participate in the future development, we welcome all suggestions, feedback and ideas provided in this thread.

In this discussion, please let us know:

  • Feedback and ideas for improvement of the DIA DAO processes (onboarding, communication, tools)
  • Growth ideas for the DIA DAO
  • Let us know what you like and dislike about DIA DAO

Thank you so much for your participation. Let’s build together!


I am super excited to be part of this community.

What I have seen so far is a growing community with speed and engagement. I really appreciate everyone in the community joining hands in building a vibrant community.

My personal vision for this community to help build an oracle that will be a GO-TO whenever anybody think of oracle services in this space. I believe we can achieve that with time.

I am looking at how we can distinguish DIA DAO with a unique advantage others may not have. I am suggesting doing more videos, articles/ranking them, discovering and tackling a major roadblock in our industry faced by people that want oracle services, participating in events our potential partners are much available, tracking our reputation and building a community that is passionate about DIA DAO.

Look forward to seeing #1 oracle solution in this space.


as a contributor, i think the community is great and has potential to be better with more collective efforts
hoping to be here for a long time!

I have only just started the process of joining the DIA DAO and becoming a contributor.
From my limited observation and knowledge at this time I’d say I like how the DAO has been structured and
the onboarding process is pretty smooth. I also think the community has a great vibe which is one reason I want to be part of it.

Hey @Niceface thanks for the kind words and brief ideas. We will definitely take those into account. Looking forward seeing more contributions in the DIA DAO.

Hey @sagitario thank you for your kind words. Great to have you onboard.

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Of course, the experience has been great. I would always be a fan of its structure - strict, but very effective, a trait most DAOs lack.
DIA DAO has actually made me grow by giving me the opportunity to take on responsibility. I’m so glad I was part of its early contributors, and I eagerly look forward to taking on more responsibility in the community.
I have a few suggestions I would make soon; but for now, I’m just so excited to contribute!

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Hey @hamzat_iii thanks for the kind words, we are very happy to have you onboard the DIA DAO :slight_smile: