GDP #011: Proposing a RANK system for DIA DAO contributors


As a part of building the infrastructure of the DIA DAO, different layers of rewards and incentives are aimed to provide a motivating environment and increase contributor engagement.

In the previous proposal, we discussed the new logic of assigning XP to bounties and confirmed the new weekly and monthly leaderboard structure.

In this proposal, I would like to introduce the new application for XP and explore different options to assign additional value to XP – presenting RANKS.


XPs (Experience points) are task points used on Dework that are assigned to each bounty according to the formula presented in the previous proposal. Each completed bounty rewards the contributor with XP in addition to the ETH reward.

XP tokens are continuously collected by contributors and represent the “overall value add by a contributor” in the DIA DAO. Until now, XPs were only used to compete for weekly and monthly leaderboards, but did not provide any long-term usage.

To assign additional value to XP and to gamify the experience of participating in the DIA DAO, I am proposing an implementation of a simple rank system that rewards contributors for reaching a new level. The higher the rank, the higher the rewards and reputation.


I propose to implement a simple rank system for the DIA DAO using XP. Each new rank reached unlocks a booster, assigns a special Discord Role and a title for the contributor.


Boosters present a % bonus that is applied to each completed monetary bounty listed on DIA DAO Dework. Boosters boost the ETH reward but do not affect the XP or DIA reward assigned to a bounty.

When a contributor reaches the amount of XP required to »rank-up«, he/she should open a Support Ticket in DIA DAO Discord. After review, one of the DAO leaders will assign the appropriate Discord Role and make a note to boost the reward for future completed bounties by that contributor.

Boosters are assigned on a monthly basis and are distributed as bounties on Dework in the Ops Guild. Boosters are applied starting with the next month after ranking-up (new applied booster will boost rewards collected starting with 1st day of the next month).

Example: A contributor with a “Gold-Contributor” rank is entitled to a 10% booster. Each last day of the month (while the booster is active), he would receive an extra reward in value of 10% of his total reward earnings in that month. Booster is accredited as a separate bounty. If a contributor earned 100$ in that month, a 10% booster would provide an extra 10$ reward for that period.

A DAO-Contributor role is required to start moving up the ranks and XP acts as the main measurement of the rank level a contributor is currently in.


  • Boosters only apply for bounties on Dework, that have ETH as main reward
  • Boosters do not affect the XP or DIA rewards assigned to a bounty
  • Ranks / Boosters might be churned in the future, if the contributor is not active for a longer period of time (to be better defined in the future).
  • Ranks only apply to contributors with a DAO-Contributor role
  • Boosters are applied in the next month after ranking up, taking into account when bounty was completed, not claimed.
  • XP rewards for currently active contributors will only be applied for the highest current rank a contributor is in (if you currently have 5200 XP, you will receive a one-time 500 XP reward, not 500 XP + 250 XP). Any further rank-up will reward XP as proposed in the table above.
  • Boosters do not stack up and are applied to the base reward received by a contributor in each monthly period (only base ETH rewards for provided contributions, not including DIA, USDC or other rewards).


  • Easy to implement and track
  • Direct incentive to contribute even more
  • Gamifying the experience
  • Rank and implementation structure allows providing additional value and rewards for ranks in the future

Next Steps

This proposal is aimed to start a discussion among the DIA DAO contributors and present improvements and feedback by the community. Proposal will initially be rolled out in a test phase and the infrastructure will be subject to changes over time if beneficial for the DAO.


The proposal has successfully been moved to a formalised on-chain vote on Snapshot. DIA Token holders can participate via this link:


  • Start: Sep 29, 2022, 9:00 AM
  • End: Oct 6, 2022, 9:00 AM


  • Yes, vote for implementation of Ranks for DIA DAO contributors
  • No, vote against implementation of Ranks for DIA DAO contributors
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Proposal Approved:

  • Yes, vote for implementation of Ranks for DIA DAO contributors (13k DIA; 99.74%)
  • No, vote against implementation of Ranks for DIA DAO contributors (34 DIA; 0.26%)

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