How to Submit a Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury Vote

Community-Sourced Proposals

The DIA token holder community can submit proposals defining the usage of these unlocked DIA tokens.

Proposals must:

  • Describe the objective and reasoning for the proposed usage of 9.15M DIA. Include timelines and any other relevant information.
  • Provide numerical details on the proposed token distribution for 9.15 M DIA tokens.
  • Use the Core Team Proposal as a template/reference when creating your own Annual Treasury Vote proposal.
  • Be formulated so that voting will answer the question “Should this proposal be implemented?

Voting rights and threshold

  • 1 DIA Token=1 DIA DAO vote
  • Block/Snapshot used: 13711279

Determination of winning proposals

Only the community proposal submitted in the DIA DAO Forum that fill the criteria above will move into Snapshot to be voted. Out of these:

  • Only the ones that have more ‘Yes’ votes than ‘No’ votes will be considered.
  • The winner will be the highest-ranked option that has gained the biggest sum of ‘Yes’ votes.

Open a proposal in the discussion channel

What it actually mean: Developing an algorithmic trust architecture, in contrast to building a node infrastructure with a decentralized architecture.

More details about what it is, how works, the purpous and how does it benefit DIA token (includeing token holders).

Hi Seeder, do you mean what that actually means? referring to the GDP #012: December 2022 DAO Treasury Vote for 2023?

If so, please move the conversation to the right post.


I did try to post there, but there is no reply option.