GDR #006: Threshold tBTC | Gasdrop Request

Threshold tBTC Oracle Gasdrop Request

Project Overview

  • Project Name: Threshold
  • Project Website:
  • Project use case: A decentralized BTC->EVM bridge using Threshold cryptography.
  • Oracle Use: To provide accurate price-feeds to DApps that wish to integrate a permissionlessly redeemable BTC asset.
  • Project Token:

Request for DIA Oracle Gasdrop Program

Our project, Threshold, has built a decentralized BTC → EVM bridge called tBTC which is live and liquid on the Arbitrum network. We would like to participate in DIA’s Oracle Gasdrop program to enable new DeFi use-cases for tBTC.

We understand that approval of this request requires a vote with more than 50% of YES votes from the holders of Arbitrum, DIA, and our project’s tokens. We are committed to providing any additional information required for the voting process.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Threshold team

Thank you, DIA community, for approving our request! Please deposit ARB to our Arbitrum Treasury Guild Multisig address: 0x6c2bd894bD166DCF053045a4883Db49EAE3FC01C

Gasdrop transferred. TX id: Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan