GDR #001: Silo Finance | Gasdrop Request

Silo Finance - Oracle Gasdrop Request

Project Overview

Request for DIA Oracle Gasdrop Program

Our project, Silo Finance, is currently building an isolated lending market on the Arbitrum network. We would like to participate in DIA’s Oracle Gasdrop program to support the funding of DIA price feeds which are required to determine lending parameters and liquidations.

We are current users of DIA Oracles for our $rDPX (DIAOracleV2 | Address 0xe871e9bd0ccc595a626f5e1657c216ce457cea43 | Arbiscan) and $JONES (DIAOracleV2 | Address 0xe871e9bd0ccc595a626f5e1657c216ce457cea43 | Arbiscan) markets and intend to continue this relationship for additional listings.

We understand that approval of this request requires a vote with more than 50% of YES votes from the holders of Arbitrum, DIA, and our project’s tokens. We are committed to providing any additional information required for the voting process.

Thank you for considering our request.

The Silo Finance team

This is the Silo team Safe on Arbitrum:

For transparency, here is a list of all Safes the core team uses:

We’ve received, converted, and added the grant to our DIA Oracle gas wallet!

Transactions are being posted here for transparency.

Thank a lot to the DIA team! This will go a long way to help us bring new feeds and projects to the network!

Gasdrop (1000 $ARB) transferred. TX id: Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan