GDR #002 : Y2K FInance | Gasdrop Request

Project Overview

Project Name: Y2K Finance

Project Website:

Project use case: Stablecoin depeg risk market

Oracle Use: Price feeds to use within Y2K risk markets, as well as an oracle for Y2K token price itself for external DeFi integrations

Project Token:

Request for DIA Oracle Gasdrop Program

Y2K Finance is an Arbitrum-native project, building the first-of-its-kind risk markets for long-tailed events such as stablecoins depegging. We have been in touch with DIA team members about improving the methodology to track the prices of stablecoins. We also have a Y2K token price feed to allow us to be integrated with other DeFi protocols. We would like to participate in DIA’s Oracle Gasdrop program to support the funding of DIA price feeds which would be used internally at Y2K and externally for integrations

We are current users of DIA Oracles for our $Y2K price feed, and in the near future an user for the updated MIM/USD feed. We hope to continue to work together with DIA on improving stablecoin price feeds, as well as consuming new price feeds that follow the best methodologies available.

We understand that approval of this request requires a vote with more than 50% of YES votes from the holders of Arbitrum, DIA, and our project’s tokens. We are committed to providing any additional information required for the voting process.

Thank you for considering our request.

The Y2K Finance team

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This is the Y2K Finance Safe on Arbitrum:

A separate confirmation of the address has been tweeted out via the official Y2K Twitter account:

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Gasdrop transferred. TX id: Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan