GDP #006: DIA's Carbon Neutral Oracle Initiative

General DIA Proposal #006: DIA's Carbon Neutral Initiative
Date: Wed, 3 November 2021
Author: DIA Core Team
Status: Successfully passed - AtmosFair 81.02%


One of the major criticisms of blockchains has been the environmental impact of their energy consumption. Especially blockchains that leverage proof-of-work consensus mechanisms like Ethereum require large and increasing amounts of energy to operate.


At DIA, being a blockchain-native project, we are aware of the responsibility which the use of energy-intensive networks entails. As a data provider, we not only leverage blockchain to supply smart contracts with oracles, we are also in a unique position to estimate the impact that the use of decentralised ledgers have.


Embracing this responsibility, we propose to take the first steps to counter externalities of on-chain operations, starting with DIA’s oracle usage. Leveraging DIA’s data infrastructure, we are able to track the volume of on-chain oracle transactions across ledgers and calculate the associated energy consumption. This, in turn, will enable us to approximate the resulting carbon emissions in order to be able to offset them.


  • Deliver carbon neutral oracle services to dApps
  • Contribute to creating a more sustainable DeFi ecosystem
  • Position DIA as an environmentally friendly blockchain project
  • Promote sustainable practices in the blockchain space


To carry out this initiative, DIA Association will partner with one of the above projects and pay a fee defined by the chosen off-setting association.


We do not perceive significant risks with this proposal.


myclimate offers bespoke solutions for sustainability and climate protection to companies of all sizes. The wide range of services – from emissions calculation to the subsequent measures to reduce them, right through to the development of a climate strategy and an offsetting offer – allows you to take responsibility, as well as to actively shape the future.

AtmosFair is a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. AtmosFair relies exclusively on voluntary climate payments from private individuals and businesses.

ClimatTrade connects companies willing to offset their carbon emissions to a large number of verified environmental projects. ClimatTrade aims to help companies achieve carbon neutrality by providing our innovative emissions offsetting services. ClimateTrade offers traceability with blockchain technology.

Wren, part of Y Combinator’s S19 class, is a subscription-based service for individuals that offsets carbon footprints by planting trees. Every project on Wren has a monitoring plan to ensure it’s having the promised impact. From monitoring satellite imagery to measuring tree trunks, Wren rigorously quantifies your impact.

Moss combat efforts by tokenizing carbon credits. The proceeds from this tokenization project have helped to indirectly protect almost 1 mm hectares of the Amazon forest from deforestation. Subsequently, this initiative will serve as a stepping stone toward creating a digital, global solution to thwart climate change.

  • Option F - None of the above

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The next steps in this DAO vote will be:

Wednesday, November 3

  • Discussion: open discussion happening in the DAO Forum
  • Proposal: community feedback will be collected.

Friday, November 5

  • Review: an admin will review it and put it up for a vote
  • Vote: DIA token holders will be able to vote on DIA’s Snapshot page

Monday, November 8

  • End of vote: voting on Snapshot ends and results will be made public
  • Implementation: the DIA core team will work to make the proposal come to life. Outcome will be communicated as the project progress.