CDR #040: Factor | Price Feed on Arbitrum


Protocol: Factor


Integration: Factor is an on-chain, asset management protocol. Factor’s fully customizable vaults enhance creators, strategists, and market participants with the ability to publish innovative markets and instruments, namely tokenized baskets, yield pools, and derivative trading.

Use case: Vaults

Blockchain: Arbitrum



The following assets will be included in the Oracle:

Asset Ticker Asset Blockchain Asset Address Asset Markets Overview Comments
GRAIL Arbitrum 0x3d9907F9a368ad0a51Be60f7Da3b97cf940982D8 GRAIL Markets
AAVE Ethereum 0x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9 AAVE Markets
BAL Ethereum 0xba100000625a3754423978a60c9317c58a424e3D BAL Markets
STG Ethereum 0xAf5191B0De278C7286d6C7CC6ab6BB8A73bA2Cd6 STG Markets
DPX Ethereum 0xEec2bE5c91ae7f8a338e1e5f3b5DE49d07AfdC81 DPX Markets
GNS Arbitrum 0x18c11FD286C5EC11c3b683Caa813B77f5163A122 GNS Markets
JONES Arbitrum 0x10393c20975cF177a3513071bC110f7962CD67da JONES Markets
CVX Ethereum 0x4e3FBD56CD56c3e72c1403e103b45Db9da5B9D2B CVX Markets
SPELL Ethereum 0x090185f2135308BaD17527004364eBcC2D37e5F6 SPELL Markets
LYRA Ethereum 0x01BA67AAC7f75f647D94220Cc98FB30FCc5105Bf LYRA Markets
KNC Ethereum 0xdeFA4e8a7bcBA345F687a2f1456F5Edd9CE97202 KNC Markets
HOP Ethereum 0xc5102fE9359FD9a28f877a67E36B0F050d81a3CC HOP Markets
JOE Avalanche 0x6e84a6216eA6dACC71eE8E6b0a5B7322EEbC0fDd JOE Markets
GMD Arbitrum 0x4945970EfeEc98D393b4b979b9bE265A3aE28A8B GMD Markets
VELA Arbitrum 0x088cd8f5eF3652623c22D48b1605DCfE860Cd704 VELA Markets

See all available assets: Cryptocurrencies, NFT collections, Liquid Staked Derivatives

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Select the methodologies that will define the feeds:

  • Moving Average Price with Interquartile Range (MAIR) will be used to calculate the price for the assets. Learn more about it here
  • 0.5% deviation threshold for updates trigger will be applied for each asset
  • 120sec time window for trades aggregation will be applied for each asset

See all methodologies for: Cryptocurrencies, NFT collections, Liquid Staked Derivatives


Select if the feed should be delivered on-chain via oracle and if so, which network:

  • Delivery method: Oracle on Arbitrum
  • Testnet required: No

See delivery options


No additional relevant information.

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Hey there DIA members! We would like to add the following assets to our oracle:

  • GMX
  • BFR
  • RDNT
  • TND
  • PLS
  • USDC

Much appreciated.

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Thank you for requesting a data feed via DIA CDR. We confirm the CDR specifications were requested correctly. Find the oracle information below:


The oracle is deployed and can be accessed here.

You can query for assets by calling the read function getValue() with parameters such as “BTC/USD”. It will return two values:

  1. The price of the asset queried with 8 decimals
  2. The unix timestamp of the last update

You can see Solidity and Vyper code integration examples here or use a dedicated DIA oracles integration library described in detail here.


Each deployed oracle has a separate gas wallet which is the only entity allowed to update oracle values based on selected parameters. To find out more information on how it works, visit the following link.

Please make sure to top up the gas wallet, as we only put in some gas to deploy and start the oracle.

Gas Wallet address: 0x31c5fafab4e0dfb1b298618ae42e3e68adb11468


You can view the markets included for each feed by pressing on a link to DIA App in the deployed assets list:

  1. Arbitrum-0x3d9907F9a368ad0a51Be60f7Da3b97cf940982D8
  2. Ethereum-0x7Fc66500c84A76Ad7e9c93437bFc5Ac33E2DDaE9
  3. Ethereum-0xba100000625a3754423978a60c9317c58a424e3D
  4. Ethereum-0xAf5191B0De278C7286d6C7CC6ab6BB8A73bA2Cd6
  5. Arbitrum-0x18c11FD286C5EC11c3b683Caa813B77f5163A122
  6. Arbitrum-0x10393c20975cF177a3513071bC110f7962CD67da
  7. Ethereum-0x4e3FBD56CD56c3e72c1403e103b45Db9da5B9D2B
  8. Ethereum-0x090185f2135308BaD17527004364eBcC2D37e5F6
  9. Ethereum-0xdeFA4e8a7bcBA345F687a2f1456F5Edd9CE97202
  10. Ethereum-0xc5102fE9359FD9a28f877a67E36B0F050d81a3CC
  11. Avalanche-0x6e84a6216eA6dACC71eE8E6b0a5B7322EEbC0fDd
  12. Arbitrum-0x4945970EfeEc98D393b4b979b9bE265A3aE28A8B
  13. Arbitrum-0x088cd8f5eF3652623c22D48b1605DCfE860Cd704
  14. Arbitrum-0xfc5A1A6EB076a2C7aD06eD22C90d7E710E35ad0a
  15. Arbitrum-0x1A5B0aaF478bf1FDA7b934c76E7692D722982a6D
  16. Arbitrum-0x0C4681e6C0235179ec3D4F4fc4DF3d14FDD96017
  17. Arbitrum-0xC47D9753F3b32aA9548a7C3F30b6aEc3B2d2798C
  18. Arbitrum-0x51318B7D00db7ACc4026C88c3952B66278B6A67F
  19. Ethereum-0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48

Note: DIA uses Blockchain-Address querying formatting to ensure asset selection precision (token symbols might duplicate)

You can also query current asset prices and find other market information on the asset by using the DIA API as described here.

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