Burn 50million to 100 Million DIA tokens


[What is the bird’s eye? 100-200 words about your proposal]
Proposing to burn 50million to 100 million DIA tokens, so the total supply remains not more than 100 to 150 million


[What is the problem that is being tackled?]
Big problem of price not allowed by market maker to grow. DIA/BTC has dumped about 98%


[Why is it relevant to solve that problem?]
So that DIA comes in top 100


[How does the solution look in detail?]
Burn all the tokens


[How will it benefit DIA and its stakeholders?]
value of DIA will increase


[What resources are needed to implement the solution?]


[Which risks does the solution entail?]



[What are the exact option to vote on?]

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Hi @notnotseven . I understand the rational behind a reduction of total supply and increased implied price action. But this is too simplistic for upside price development, also when you compare it to last years DAO vote where we burned 50% (DAO Vote #1: Outcome. The first DIA DAO vote has taken place… | by DIA | DIA Insights | Medium) the envisaged effect is not directly reflected in the price. Also burning 100% of tokens would have implication on Staking/Reward/Incentive programs for token holders, team product and partnership growth, which is IMO a more stable way to grow value.

As a context please also see our release schedule Transparency Report. Who holds DIA Tokens? Which are the… | by DIA | DIA Insights | Medium, only 9.15 M are released annually and put up for vote.

If you want to proceed with this further to a Snapshot vote please provide a more thorough analysis of the problem, and more details on risks and costs.

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We need to support the project and burn the tokens, otherwise people stopped believing in the dia!

burning token will be supported by more than half of the dia community

If this coin does not grow , then this will be your last bull market !

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Dear @Roma . Since this is your first post: Happy to receive constrictive criticism and/or heat on price and DIA development, but this is neither helpful nor constrictive.

The team is putting in hard work, delivering progress across all departments (see our latest Community Update: October 2021. Here are DIA’s latest developments… | by DIA | DIA Insights | Oct, 2021 | Medium ), you labelling DIA as Scam, getting out of line, is far from comprehensible and quite offensive.

The long-term value we are creating will also be reflected in the price, if HODLing for some time, a civil discourse, and long-term value creation is not for you, this DAO might not be the right place for you. Regards, Michael


This is so low-brow, it’s kind of sad to read. If you want a real interaction, I recommend to spend > 2 minutes reading on DIA (as you did up to now, click on your account).

And even more disadvantageous, this is also obviously harming any quality proposal or interaction in this forum and the DIA DAO.
I don’t know and don’t want to hear about your experiences 17 years ago - but spilling your bitterness in here without any quality input is def. not solving it, and not accepted in our DAO.


Dear Roma and other community members reading this: threats, aggressive and disrespectful language and behaviours are not tolerated in this forum. Please, stick to the forum rules and guidelines, otherwise, you will be temporarily banned.


I agree to burn 25%. Compared with 50% in 2020, the ecological environment has changed greatly in 2021. I support the team to have more $dia to develop the dia ecosystem. It would be better if it could be further expanded in marketing.

High respect to the great project!


you have just deleted a message from a person who tried to explain that you are engaged in speculation.Why are you doing this?!

Why did you delete my post, where i submitted the evidence with the chart that shows DIA/BTC is being manipulated by Market Maker. He is collecting the BTC by selling DIA. Come on you guys, Please be transparent, if you do this, what is the use of having a DAO. Such a pity and shame.

Man, i had high regards for you, But now after you keep deleting the evidences that i put, you have lost it. I know you want to keep it clean, but its also good, to keep the discussion open and answered, which will show that you are actually puting in efforts for community problems.

The content you are posting here is completely off-topic. You can open a new thread in the #discussion channel, but always stick to the topic. This is a proposal on DIA’s Annual Treasury Vote 2021.

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Lol, then you should be deleting the thread itself. the evidence was posted because @Michael_DIA asked for it. It came from DIA member only. such a disgrace

Hey @notnotseven . To close this with transparency from our side: Our Market Maker is Amber, there is no manipulation on any pair.
Problem is indeed that this is completely off-topic… Please follow up as proposed by Mikel.

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BTC pair has been manipulated. Thats what i see.

I feel for the team having to reply to dimwitted moonboys here. Instead advocating for a burn like every meme coin ever existe. How about we suggest mechanics that reduce the circulating supply or create burns(Darts for example) i.e create incentives for long term contributors of the project.


Hey @Gelman . Absolutely, the dARTs deflationary element is just one part of the DAO inclusions we are rolling out, more to come in 2022, also in relation to data verification CAR #001: Moving Average (MA) | Methodology. Also any input/ideas on sensual tokenomic slashing/burning in relation to our welcome.

Hi Michael, I am looking for a chance to invest DIA because I see the big picture in Oracles but when I go to the website, I didn’t see the information about things like tokenomics, roadmap, backers, investors, white paper… Can you send them to me via email phamtuoi8012@gmail.com? It will be really good for me to have more infomation. Thanks!

Burning 50 million tokens I think it’s good idea ,but burning 100million tokens it’s way to much at this stage !! But 50m will help a lot

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