A burning process against those who want to gain value and support the project


First of all, I apologize to everyone for bringing up the erroneous proposition. my solution is to reduce a certain portion of the coin supply by burning it, provided that it is not at once


[What is the problem that is being tackled?] not provide the expected rise and benefit


[Why is it relevant to solve that problem?] having a say in the market should be everyone’s common goal, especially for dia users


[How does the solution look in detail?] we support this project, but we are aware that the coin supply and progress do not look good, so we think that rare and limited things are more attractive


*[How will it benefit DIA and its stakeholders?]*we hope to see more support, we can achieve this if this problem disappears


*[What resources are needed to implement the solution?]*request only


[Which risks does the solution entail?] as long as the small amounts of the supply are disposed of and the burning does not occur suddenly, there is no risk


[What are the exact option to vote on?] Yes, we can
no, we can’t

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I see there are more and more requests coming for burning. this market maker will sell more next month as there is a release schedule. So expect DIA that it will go below $1 and from btc position wise dont even ask. it will be even more horrible.

we are offering our ideas on favorable terms here and we are waiting for a resource correction, but either the idea tokens are deleted or they are passed unanswered, but the way implemented seems wrong, even though the content of the project is promising


That’s why the value of dia is not growing. Team is technically strong but lacks the ability to market and brand dia. They are underperforming in all aspects except technology.

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Guys/girls: you need to stop this repetitive nonsense in here, this won’t lead to anything. Burn 100 million, burn all tokens, burn 50 million tokens, fire market maker, fire marketing, all below 1, to the moon, wen coinbase.
This is just not leading anywhere We are happy to receive criticism, feedback and improvement ideas, and already get a lot of good input from some members directly/anon, I think what you are really targeting at is a deflationary mechanism in our tokenomics, which as a first step was implemented in the ARTs.

If you want to get your input taken serious, please formulate a proper DIP, GDR, CAR happy to engage in those.