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Hello Michael,

Long time no talk (aprox 1 month) :smile:

I was thinking lately ways about how DIA can grow as a brand and business.

Thinking about the folowing:

What do you think about creating a subsidiary of DIA?
My idea is to launch a crypto data website and provide info, data, prices, trade volumes,charts, market capitalization on cryptocurrencies, tools, etc. (something like coingeko/coinmarketcap does)

Right now the company is only focused on the developers / crypto projects integration part, but not for the daily users/crypto enthusiats, others. In my opinion this space is biggggg.

Why not expand this and get brand recognition for more? As you have all the data you need, link it to the DIA API’s, webservices, databases, etc.

As a subsidiary can also generate ways of revenue.

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Hi Alex. Indeed long time :wink:
Thanks for bringing this forward. We indeed deliberately only focus son the dev/project integrations and did not proceed with any data website, simply since we don’t have the capacity to do it properly.
Therefore, this as a subsidiary/spin-off project financed by treasury/DAO is definitely of interest to us.
If you are interested to push this forward, would love to get a bit of details to bring this to a DAO vote, sponsor via Treasury.
Details needed: Timeline/Milestones, Data integration, USP/competitive angle, Budget, Organizational set-up.

Would be great to get you leading this if you have time and feel qualified.
Best regards

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Hey Michael,

Sorry for my late reply. I had to attend to some personal business.

I’ve been trying to contact some web development companies, but the progress so far has not been very optimistic. Unfortunately, I have a short time window to be fully involved with this project.

Anyway, I will do my best to provide you with the details you asked for, including the timeline, milestones, data integration, USP/competitive angle, budget, and organizational set-up.

Perhaps some members of our DAO might also be interested in this project/idea?

Best regards,


Hi @Michael_DIA ,

I apologize for the delay in responding. I have been actively searching in my spare time for web development companies to collaborate with, but unfortunately, I have not yet found a suitable partner. The options available either did not meet desired criteria or were very expensive, particularly given the current market conditions. Therefore, I believe it may not be wise to invest in this project at this time.

Additionally, I reached out to members of our DAO to gauge their interest in creating the website, but unfortunately, none of them expressed a strong interest or commitment to the project. Considering the lack of enthusiasm from the DAO members and the challenges in finding a suitable development partner, it reinforces my belief that postponing this endeavor is a prudent decision.

While I recognize the potential benefits of a crypto data website for DIA, it is important to consider factors such as finding the right partner, financial feasibility, and the level of support from our community. Patience and a wait-and-see approach could be prudent, allowing us to seize more favorable opportunities in the future when market conditions are more conducive and resources are more readily available.

Nevertheless, I remain open to exploring alternative solutions and reassessing the situation as circumstances evolve. It is possible that the circumstances may evolve, presenting more suitable opportunities for us to proceed with the project.

Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any further suggestions or would like to discuss this matter in more detail, I am available for further conversation.

Best regards,


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Hi Alex,

Thank you for providing an update on your search for web development companies and the feedback you received from the DAO members. I understand your concerns regarding the current market conditions and the challenges in finding a suitable partner. It’s important to assess the feasibility and level of support before embarking on such a project.

Given the circumstances you described, I agree that postponing the website project seems like a reasonable decision at this time. Market conditions and resources can change, and it’s essential to be patient and seize more favorable opportunities in the future when they arise. It’s wise to reassess the situation periodically and explore alternative solutions that may better align with the needs of DIA.

Best regards,