Integrate $MIM and $SPELL price feeds into DIA and join the DeFi 2.0 multichain revolution


The aim of this proposal is to integrate $MIM and $SPELL price feeds into DIA in order to position DIA as a fast moving oracle provider in the center of the DeFi 2.0 multichain revolution.


$SPELL and $MIM play a key part in the fast growing Defi 2.0 multichain community. #occupydefi has turned into a strong trend. Stablecoin $MIM has just been integrated in bitfinex as a base currency. More exchanges likely to join. Spell is already listed on FTX, Binance listing, among other, is coming soon as well. Well connected with Curve, Yearn, Sushi, Anyswap and ICE. It will benefit from Binance, Fantom, Avalanche incentives and Tron incentive programs.


Create data scraper to source these price feeds.


  1. Exposure to new dApps
  2. Positioning DIA as an updated oracle provider in the market
  3. Benefit from #occupydefi #frognation #defi2.0 community and position DIA as a fast moving actor in the space.


Set up a a gitcoin taks to build the data scrapers, following DIA’s decentralised data crowd-sourcing methodology.




  1. Yes, integrate $MIM and $SPELL

  2. No, do not integrate $MIM and $SPELL


Hi @CapaRo, thanks for your proposal submission!

Certainly, $MIM and $SPELL are two interesting assets on the DeFi ecosystem right now. DIA Developers have looked up into DIA’s set of data feeds and found that both assets are already integrated and available to use.

You can check both quotations here:

Moving forward, it would be interesting to know if there is more feedback on the output of the data, e.g. adding more sources/pairs.

Looking forward to hearing from the DAO community,