Adding support for a stable € on Ξ - Integrate $agEUR and $ANGLE price feeds into DIA


Proposal to integrate $agEUR and $ANGLE price feeds into DIA in order to position DIA as a fast-moving oracle provider. agEUR is the third biggest € stable coin with > $185m TVL shortly after its launch on ETH main net.


$ANGLE and $agEUR are set to play a key part in the fast growing DeFi space. An innovative approach to create a € stablecoin is well received as the fast growing TVL shows. ANGLE shares almost 28% market share for EUR stablecoins. In the future stablecoin $agEUR is most likely to be integrated on exchanges as a base currency as an alternative to USD pegged stablecoins. The Angle team is very well connected with makers from curve (Julien Bouteloup) and is backed by a16z, divergence and others. It will see strong integrations in other DeFi protocols and is likely to see strong benefits from upcoming incentive programs. To diversify stablecoin exposure to a strong € is much needed next to $ pegged stablecoins.


Create data scraper to source these price feeds.


  1. Exposure to new dApps
  2. Positioning DIA as an updated oracle provider and fast moving actor in the market
  3. Benefit from being an early provider for these specific pricefeeds.


Set up a gitcoin taks and pay a developer for the work. It is an standard process for DIA’s decentralised data crowd-sourcing methodology.




  • Yes, integrate $agEUR and $ANGLE

  • No, do not integrate $agEUR and $ANGLE


The more such integrations, the dia grows and develops.

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Every update or partnership is valuable in my opinion.

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Agreed. We are on it.