GDR #003: UXUY social protocol | Gasdrop Request

UXUY social protocol Oracle Gasdrop Request

Project Overview

  • Project Name: UXUY social protocol
  • Project Website: Https://
  • Project use case: UXUY is a social protocol which could let Web2 users easily join Web3, we build dapps in popular Web2 social Apps, already launched UXUY on Telegram in May, and will launch UXUY on WhatsApp in Nov. Now we have around 450K dapp users on Telegram, and 4,500 token holders on Arbitrum.
  • Oracle Use: We’d like to use the fund to save users gas cost especially many users do not know Arbitrum as well as don’t know how to make cross-bridge ETH transfer for gas.
  • Project Token: Not listed yet, contract address here: 0x336227f062d20B322d81B13dfD033591850290f9

Request for DIA Oracle Gasdrop Program

Our project, UXUY, is currently building a social protocol and dapp on the Arbitrum network. We would like to participate in DIA’s Oracle Gasdrop program to get gas fund.

We understand that approval of this request requires a vote with more than 50% of YES votes from the holders of Arbitrum, DIA, and our project’s tokens. We are committed to providing any additional information required for the voting process.

Thank you for considering our request.

The UXUY team

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