CDR #056: tribeone | NFT Floor Price Feed

dApp Introduction

dApp name: tribeone
dApp website:
dApp overview:

Feed usage

Data type: NFT Floor Price
Use case: perp


Feed specification

Collection: BoredApeYachtClub
Sources: All Available
Methodology: MAIR of floor price where floorWindow=1800 and lookbackSeconds=86400 (ie moving average of last 30 min close floor price in the last 24 hours
Floor window: 86400

Oracle specification

Target chain: Arbitrum-Goerli
Update mechanism: Deviation based
Threshold: 0%

Additional information

Can we get the price feed in Bayc/usd instead of bayc/eth ?

Also what will be the best price methodology for our case , rn its returning floor price as 0.54 eth and current floor price is 30eth