Partnership with Starlay Finance

Partnership with Starlay Finance

We are thrilled to announce that DIA’s open-source and transparent price feed oracles are powering Starlay Finance, the first native Lending Protocol on the Astar Network.

25 Feb, 2022

Starlay is a non-custodial lending protocol for Astar Network. Depositors can provide liquidity to earn interest as a stable passive income, while borrowers can leverage their assets without selling them out. Astar Network aims to be the biggest hub for the multi-chain era by bridging with Ethereum, Cosmos, and others. With Starlay Finance, the Astar ecosystem aism to be a marketplace for storing all kinds of tokens on any kinds of chains.

We are excited to announce DIA’s new collaboration and oracle integration with Starlay Finance. With this new partnership, DIA will start delivering crowd-sourced data feeds to power the Starlay protocol running on the Astar network. As oracles are a crucial part of lending protocols, DIA will play a critical role in the infrastructure of Starlay.

Starlay’s DeFi dApp is based off the following 3 modules: Depositing / Borrowing, Flash Loan (for developers) and $LAY Staking. To enable the smooth and clear-cut operation of these features, DIA will supply Starlay with accurate, reliable and transparent price feed oracles for digital assets USDC, USDT, ASTR, SDN, WETH and WBTC, among others.

DIA will ensure high quality and resilient data feeds for Starlay thanks to DIA’s crowd-sourcing approach, unique in the web3 data and oracle landscape. While most oracles depend on third-party centralised data providers, DIA simultaneously sources trade data directly from centralized and decentralized exchanges. To come up with the final price points, the aggregated data is computed and sanitised based on fully transparent methodologies and sources, enabling Starlay to have full control and clarity over the data they depend on.

Neo, Founder of Starlay Finance :

“We are proud to be a partner with DIA, a company with a great vision and presence. Through this partnership, we will be able to move one step closer to our vision, the expansion of Astar/Starlay ecosystem.We are looking forward to working with DIA and contributing to the development of the Astar ecosystem.”

Michael Weber , DIA Association President comments:

“Lending protocols are one of the core pillars of Decentralised Finace. Starlay is building a comprehensive set of features for lending on Astar for the first time, with a focus on Astar-native assets. DIA will ensure an smooth and resilient operation of the protocol with transparent and accurate data feeds on Astar.”