CDR #013: NFTY | Asset Price

dApp introduction

NFTY Labs is a cross-chain infrastructure for NFT utility and authentication.

Feed usage

Data type: Price feed
Use case: The feed will be used to calculate the asset price.


Delivery method: On Chain - ETH & BNB
Update mechanism: Deviation based
Threshold: 0.5%
Methodology: VWAP
Frequency: 120s
Sources (by chain/version): All available markets
Pairs: NFTY/ USD
Other relevant information: NFTY Labs Price in USD: NFTY Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko


Thank you for requesting a DIA CDR. We confirm the CDR specifications were requested correctly. Find the oracle / API endpoint below:


By querying for blockchain and asset, the API provides the markets used for calculating this feed.

API endpoint

By querying for blockchain and asset, the API provides the asset quotation for each asset in the feed.


The oracle is deployed and can be accessed here.
Ethereum: DIAOracleV2 | Address 0xf8c7a657193d14916f45dc478ac5881ef612fddd | Etherscan
BSC: Contract Address 0x2f86698a1ffe92d06f39d1f7907c3bec67bf02c3 | BscScan

You can query for assets by calling the read function getValue() with parameters such as “NFTY/USD”. It will return two values:

  1. The price of the asset queried with 8 decimals
  2. The timestamp of the last update

Please make sure to top up the gas wallets very soon, as we only put in some gas to deploy and start the oracle.
Ethereum gas wallet: 0x7ff0c8ac0fd796a5f457f572870bfa399c484b8c
BSC gas wallet: 0x7a51caa265b89d23679f4a5569a7466b4575a766

Also make sure they always have sufficient funding.