CAR #059: Moving Average of NFT Floor Price | Methodology

Community Approval Request #059: Moving Average of NFT Floor Price
Date: Fri, 24 March 2023
Author: Mikel, Core team
Status: Voting

In this 59th Community Approval Request (CAR), the DIA DAO community will discuss, improve and approve the Moving Average of NFT Floor Price methodology, a resilient filter for the price determination of NFT collections.

How does the MA of NFT Floor Price methodology work?

This methodology returns the moving average of a collection’s floor price. In order to best adjust to a specific use case, multiple metrics such as the length of the average, or the size of the floor window, are customizable parameters.

Learn more in the DIA Docs

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  • Vote: 24 March - 31 March
  • **Approval:**31 March