CAR #012: Spirit Swap | Source

Community Approval Request #012: Spirit Swap
Date: Fri, 22 April 2022
Author: DIA Core Team
Status: Approved

In this 12th Community Approval Request (CAR), the DIA DAO community will be voting to validate Spirit Swap as a data source for the DIA Platform. DIA’s direct integration into centralised and decentralised marketplaces such as Spirit Swap enables a broad and highly granular and customizable data and oracle offering for dApps.

SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange using the constant product automated market maker (AMM) model on the Fantom network. Liquidity providers can deposit two-sided tokens to create a market pair on the exchange. Spirit Swap aims low transaction fees as it is using the Fantom network that is based on proof of stake and has high transaction throughputs. Trading fees goes to the liquidity providers and stakers of the SPIRIT token.

Link to the DIA Docs: Natively Sourced Data

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  • Vote: 22 April, 29 April 2022
  • Approval: 29 April, 2022