CDR #18: Mimo capital | Asset Price

Mimo Capital

Mimo Capital offers a suite of applications designed to allow users to use their digital assets - such as ETH or BTC - to mint PAR tokens, bridging the existing chasm between the DeFi world and the world of regulated financial institutions.

Feed usage

Data type: Price feed

Use case: The feed will be used to calculate the asset price


Delivery method: Polygon, Fantom, Ethereum

Update mechanism: Deviation based

Threshold: 0.5%

Methodology: Moving Average

Frequency: 120s

Sources (by chain/version): All available markets

Pairs: MIMO / USD , PAR / USD

Other relevant information: /


Thanks for submitting your Custom Delivery Request!

The DIA DAO will review your requirements shortly and if all information is correctly provided, a core developer will proceed and deliver the API endpoint. If the requirements are partially or incorrectly requested, a DAO member will get in touch with you again.

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Dear Mimo capital team,
Thank you for requesting a DIA CDR. We confirm the CDR specifications were requested correctly. Find the oracle / API endpoint below:


By querying for blockchain and asset, the API provides the markets used for calculating this feed.

API endpoint

By querying for blockchain and asset, the API provides the asset quotation for each asset in the feed.


The oracle is deployed and can be accessed here.

Polygon: Contract Address 0xd3709072c338689f94a4072a26bb993559d9a026 | PolygonScan
Fantom: Contract Address 0xdb547398ba8cbb81e91bc290a70c3588e0d039f7 | FtmScan
Ethereum: DIAOracleV2 | Address 0xc3bd7fe6b4a2fffed28cc7c337da405c504e3074 | Etherscan

You can query for assets by calling the read function getValue() with parameters such as “BTC/USD”. It will return two values:

  1. The price of the asset queried with 8 decimals
  2. The timestamp of the last update

Please be aware, that the underlying assets are traded with considerably low volume and thus these feeds are highly experimental.

Please make sure to top up the gas wallets very soon, as we only put in some gas to deploy and start the oracle.
Polygon: 0x6335f45328a729c38d40c8bd5039ddc592d1e001
Fantom: 0x79338d174bd90b7aa897a940c8bec3ff20384a22
Ethereum: 0x7db8041b27a49c9bafc375852b21f6b3e705f485

Also make sure they always have sufficient funding.

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